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How to Create A New Web Site Using A Template?

Building a website at Joonweb is a quick and user-friendly process, by following these steps you can create your own website within few minutes: 

1. After signing up at, click on the 'Create Website' button 
2. Now select the category that is most suitable for your business. (For Eg. Photography) 
3. Now write the name of the website and then click the 'Next' button. 
4. Review & update sight info by filling up necessary details (Site name, E-Mail, Phone) & choose an appropriate logo.
5. Click 'Next' or you can skip the step & move forward. 
7. Choose the most appropriate web design or template according to your business.
8. Now add the suitable website pages as per your requirements and then click 'Next'.
9. Congratulations, now you have created your own website at Joonweb.

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